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It's more like one of those carts out in the middle of the mall. Most of our projects are commissioned works that we can't sell, but here are a few things you can certainly get your hands on. We use to handle transactions, so you know you're shopping safe.

Pilates in Paradise with Rosi Perkins
This two-disc set focuses on six basic Pilates principles: Breathing, spinal articulation, weight bearing, shoulder stability, pelvic stability and core control. This all sounds much more complex than it is. These workouts touch on all of these aspects. Both samplers were designed to give you a basic knowledge and understanding of a Pilates workout. Rosi Perkins has completed 500 hours in the Santa Fe style of training. Produced at Gallows Point Resort on beautiful St. John in the United States Virgin Islands. Read more ...

Yoga in Paradise with Lori Walden
This yoga DVD offers an informative introduction, warm up, flow, cool down, grounding and centering. The different sections may be used as a mini-class for beginners or they made be done together for over a full hour of yoga for the more advanced. Filmed on Little Cinnamon Bay St. John, USVI. Read more ...

Carefree Getaways Villa Tours
This DVD features beautiful video tours of villas managed by Carefree Getaways. These full length videos show all interior and exterior spaces, as well as each property's unique views. Carefree Getaways will credit the $5 fee - to cover postage and handling - toward your rental, should you choose one of these, or any of their vacation villas for your next St. John visit. Read more ...

Beginning Inegrative Yoga Therapy
Beginning Integrative Yoga Therapy with Diane Finlayson is ideal for those who are new to yoga. Order directly from Yama Studio

Intermediate Integrative Yoga Therapy
Intermediate Integrative Yoga Therapy with Diane Finlayson provides a challenge with a flowing vinyasa class for those who are working toward gr. Order directly from Yama Studio

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